winning a girl’s heart

Hi guys, on this post i would like to deal with the following issue that one of my readers commented me on,

Reader: “i struggle to keep communication alight. I lose interest to call or app. Sometimes i get busy and forget to app while online doing discussions on other groups or writing teachings and other things then end up appearing as though am being ignoramus. So with time a girl suspects cheating or that she is not loved then a break up comes. I as well can not bear anything long distance, in my mind have concluded it doesn’t work. So it draws my energy away maybe mainly it’s because of what happened in my first relationship.”

There is the issue or struggle that one of our fellow brothers is facing, but hey if you are also facing a similar predicament, worry not, am here to assist.


1. Communication

2. Loss of interest to maintain the relationship

3. Past heartbreaks


I have discovered that most guys are very sincere in relationships but are very IGNORANT on how to navigate a relationship.
Communication is the Fulcrum and pith of the Relationship.
A woman in a relationship craves a communicating guy. Nice words,compliments,appreciation, good humorous and Sweet nothings.

No matter how quiet your disposition is in life, when you come to relationship, you have to be a preacher(talkative) but Not a Liar. KKK
A woman wants to know that she is number 1 in your world.
How can you be online on whats app/ Skype then fail to text her?
She will conclude that she is not a priority in your life and she will be correct.
As you come to begin a relationship you need to check how much knowledge you have learned from observing your parents and guardians. Were they good examples of relating or you have to go and try to learn from good examples before you begin yours with emotions but no wisdom.
Another thing every Man must understand that the way to a Lady’s heart is EMOTIONAL therefore the Emotional momentum you begin Courtship with must be MAINTAINED AND BE IMPROVED ON not to slacken to Cold indifference.
With texts like “…Baby what app?”or how is it going?What do you expect her to say to boring conversation?
There are four elements that a guy’s conversations must contain to make the relationship exciting…..



3.Fun and Tenderness



Women are attracted to Confidence in men.
Mind you Confidence is not Arrogance.


A man must demonstrate Decisive Leadership. A woman naturally craves to surrender or submit to strong and decisive Leadership. It is not love to let the woman make decisions especially if she has asked for your opinion. For example if she asks where do we meet tomorrow afternoon and you say …wherever you want baby?KKK. In marriage she asks what relish do you want and you say whatever you want…..
It might seem you are showing her Love but it will come out as Indecision. Brothers beware!!!

3.Fun and Tenderness.

Humorous is very important my Brothers. Can you make a woman laugh often with good and clean humor.
It shows Confidence, Tenderness and Fun. A Courtship should be an enjoyable experience with you Not Court Session of boring investigative questions and bylaws and being given commandments.


By words and by actions show that you can be trusted and depended upon. Fulfill your promises no matter how small. Apologize sincerely.
Show her your gentle side. Talk to her about your day. Allow her to peep into your world …Show her your vulnerable side.Past hurts etc

stay tuned for more….

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About Andy…

Hie everyone and welcome to my life coaching website. Inspiring and motivating other people have been a passion in my life for as long as I can remember.

Growing up from a poor background and being an orphan exposed me to many difficulties and problems to which I found myself designing a problem curbing mind from a tender age. I was groomed and raised by a society of people.

Now it is time to give back…

My background story

My desire to help people stems back to my background, how I grew up. I come from a humble background with less to be admired however all that I faced left me with a vast wisdom of this dear life. Let me try break it down a bit for you:

1. Losing parents at the age of 9

This was the most devastating moment of my life. I call it a moment because I never allowed the misery to be carried over the rest of my life. It was a moment of redefining and reshaping my life. This meant that I would spend the rest of my life with no one to feel sorry for me if I failed in any pursuit. I had lost the greatest things and the best I have ever had, so it literally made me fearless. Firstly I became fearless to losing or failure. I could try anything at any cost because I am never afraid of losing. From this I had to learn to have courage and confidence on my self.

2. Being raised by people I never knew

This made me love humanity as they are. There is an African proverb which says “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, translated, “a person is a person through/because of other people”. Essentially it speaks of a person being groomed by how they relate to other people.

3. Rejection

Yes rejection by your fellow beings if I may say. One needs to understand that am not writing this so that you may feel pity for me or because I regret anything in life, NO, as I said, these are some things that has made me what I am today. Like the saying goes, ” what can not kill you, builds you”.

4. My country

growing up in one of the worst economies in the world helped me learn survival skills and tactics of thriving through in life. I had to learn business skills, communication skills and various life surviving skills at a tender age.


I have a stronghold on my background. With what I have learn in life I do not want any other human being on the face of earth to suffer through what I have been through. I want to be a shoulder to someone out there, help someone attain their dreams, be a friend and mentor.


I want to simplify life for other people, give out the best of all helps I never got when I was growing up and live life to the fullest.